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12-06-2017, 02:45 AM

"I had a choise whether I was redshirted or not last year, and that was very good that I didn't choose redshirt. The decision in the last year was very big."

"I learned a lot from PK80, especially game speed."
"I'm getting used to the system, and I'm naturally getting to move along the system. In that tournament that feeling was expressed."

In the Creighton game, Rui went off soon, and Few came to him to explain what to do.
"I had many mistakes about the defense," he said after the game, but he also revealed now "I was very confused."
"The offense was so complicated that I didn't know what I was doing,"
He couldn't understand soon what Few said from court side.
His English gets better than last year, but it's still difficult for him to understand emergency things.

About nbadraft.net, "That means nothing, that's just a forecast. I don't know who ranks me and can't believe whether or not it's correct. I just do what to do for myself now, as a result I could reach such a place. I've come this far, so I should work on what I'm doing all my life."

12-06-2017, 04:11 AM
"I learned a lot from PK80, especially game speed."
I hope he learned some more after last night. When he went to the bench for the last time he was clearly rattled and his confidence looked like it had bottomed out. I hope he shakes it off and comes back strong.