View Full Version : GU's Tyler Olson sparkling 2017 stats with Cleveland

10-17-2017, 09:19 PM
Tyler Olson, a Spokane native and left handed pitching GU baseball MVP graduating in 2012 has completed an historic season with the Cleveland Indians. After bouncing from Seattle, to the minors, to the Yankees in his 3 year professional career, Tyler was called up from Triple A in early August by the Indians. From then to the end of the season he appeared in 30 games, completed 20 innings, notched 18 K's and DID NOT ALLOW A SINGLE RUN, EARNED OR UNEARNED in any of his appearances. Expect the Indians, or other clubs, have recognized the value of his mid-game, left handed, specialty relief skills & will sign him to a sizable contract in the off-season. Way to go Tyler! Zagproud!