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Angelo Roncalli
10-23-2007, 03:30 PM

10-23-2007, 07:18 PM
From Philly to KC to Oakland to Fremont. . .

Connie Mack is turnin' over in his grave; Charlie Finley is givin' a standing 'O'.

Not the only instance of a major league team playing in a minor league locale; the Jets & Giants come to mind. As do the Sacto Kings. . .

10-24-2007, 07:57 AM
Interesting developments.......

About 2 months ago I visited the site where the new park is supposed to be built and took some photos. See the attachments. When the A's purchased the land, they hoped to have the park built by 2010. The site is at the corner of Christy and Bradin. It's located near the 880 and Auto Mall Parkway. The problem with the site is that it is not anywhere near a BART Station, and there could be a lot of traffic problems.

That being said, the A's actually wanted to move to the Santa Clara/San Jose area back in the early 90's, but they signed away their territorial rights to the area so that the Giants could build a new park there. I think they felt that by the Giants moving they would pickup more fans. But the vote to build a new park down south failed, and the Giants eventually had to build AT&T Park in SF. The Giants and Selig have been preventing the A's from moving down south ever since.

Fremont is a decent compromise. The breed of customer at the Coliseum has changed since the days of Catfish Hunter and Vida Blue. The best thing in the world for the A's is for them to get out of that God awful, "Mount Davis" football stadium and relocate further away from the Giants to establish a new identity. The Fremont park would attract way more South Bay customers.

The greater San Jose area is now bigger in population than SF/Oakland combined. It's one of the ten largest cities in the nation right now. The area deserves its own team, even if the park is technically not in that area. Fremont allows for easier access to that area....it's pretty easy to get to from SJ by car - lots of different routes. Fremont also happens to be a nice city. Needless to say, a small, intimate baseball only park would also help attendance. I sincerely hope it happens.