View Full Version : Coach Tinkle and Oregon State Team in Barcelona

08-18-2017, 01:10 PM
From Deadspin:


The team is currently in Barcelona as part of a 13-day European trip, as noted by the Oregonian. A decision has not been made on whether they will return home early after today’s attack, which left at least 13 dead and 100 injured after a van driver rammed into a crowd on popular tourist promenade Las Ramblas.

Coach Wayne Tinkle confirmed the team’s safety in a short video, saying that they were having a pre-game meal in their hotel overlooking Las Ramblas when the attack began. “People, mad scramble, car—van driving through, literally looking out of our window,” he said, visibly somewhat shaken. “We won’t show you pictures, but some horrific sights, several fatalities within eyesight of our hotel room.”

08-19-2017, 07:32 PM
Per ZagDad on the women's forum, Elle & the rest of the Tinkle family is with the team in Barcelona.