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04-30-2017, 04:46 PM

04-30-2017, 05:17 PM

The A10 is a lateral move to the WCC. Big East West sounds interesting, this guys proposal sounds like a non starter.

04-30-2017, 06:17 PM
The A10 is a lateral move to the WCC. Big East West sounds interesting, this guys proposal sounds like a non starter.

I really don't see any major benefits to this either. Just adding unnecessary travel in a fairly lateral move. (for both sides) Only the top few A-10 teams would really augment GU's schedule (& vice-versa) and that can be far more easily achieved by simply scheduling them in noncon games.

I think GU's best bet is to continue to try and build up the WCC as they currently are. There are a number of very encouraging signs at several non-GU/BYU/SMC schools to give one optimism that the conference can build into something bigger. It'll obviously never be a major conference but it could conceivably develop into a 3-4 bid conference (with 1-2 more NIT teams) if things progress nicely.

The Big East creating a nationwide basketball only conference seems like the only other viable alternative if that were to come to fruition at some point.

Hell you could maybe even fuse this idea with that one.

Add Gonzaga & BYU to the Western Big East Division alongside their westernmost teams in Creighton, DePaul, Marquette, Butler & Xavier. Then add in Dayton from the A-10.

Then you have the 5 Big East Atlantic teams (Villanova, Providence, St.John's, Georgetown, Seton Hall) augmented with say VCU & two of Davidson, Rhode Island & Richmond. (or try and poach UConn back where they belong)

This pretty well kills the A10 (other programs would have to find new homes but there are no shortage of options out East) but puts all the better programs into a better conference. (while raising the Big East's quality too)

Travel is a bit of nuisance for the west division (east-west would presumably play away game every other year which isn't too burdensome) but not completely absurd. A home&home versus division foes and 1 game against the other division teams would lead to 22 game schedule which is probably too high. So you could reduce travel burdens by further breaking divisions into foursomes that you would play in a homeandhome and then play your other divisions foes only once. So West-West would be Gonzaga/BYU/Creighton and either Marquette or DePaul. The schedule would be a bit unbalanced but not crazily so.

I feel like the Big East would have to change the name at that point though. I like the idea of simply "The Big Conference". :p

05-01-2017, 12:23 AM
Thought the proposal raised several intriguing points. 1. Conference expansion/realignment will continue, and there could be more options than we have envisioned. Pressure is on teams and conferences to get in front or be left behind. Paying attention, Big East? 2. With some creative thinking, travel costs can be managed. At a minimum, annual "challenge" series could experiment while adding two quality games for teams in all three conferences (perhaps more or perhaps top five or six top teams from several conferences. Plenty chew on for scheduling with a view to possible realignments. Zags should move forward on scheduling without waiting for conferences to move (which could take a while, since conferences, and their less competitive teams have something to lose).

Zags do have some open dates, probably others do also.

Go Zags -- in your own interest.