View Full Version : Simms fired, Romo replaces him as lead analyst for CBS NFL games

04-05-2017, 02:34 PM

It is to my understanding that Simms has become increasingly unpopular with football fans. But to replace him with someone with zero announcing experience??

Much like with Football Johnny and Tim Tebow, I have never understood the media's infatuation with Romo. And look now....he's a part of the media.

I never liked him as a QB, either. He had some of the worst games that I have ever seen from a QB in NFL history. But then he would do something spectacular, and that would lead to another contract or something. I never understood why Jones couldn't cut the cord. Romo was always one of those dudes where for every foot forward he would take, he would take three steps back.

Then again, I don't understand Jerry Jones either, other than he's a lot more richer than I am.........