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04-04-2017, 09:53 AM
I posted this last night on Reddit, way later than I should have been up ruminating on this program and season. I thought I would post it here as well, I would love to see what others would have to add to it.

Thank you to Coach Few for building a program from virtually nothing to the National Championship. Thank you for your loyalty and class and for not wavering in your vision that must have seemed impossible two decades ago. Thank you for your part in transforming a University that was on the ropes and is now thriving. Thank you for being an example for the community. Thank you for taking the high road when facing adversity and always leading by example. Thank you for always running a clean program and for focusing your recruiting efforts on finding "Zags," whether they come from Poland, France, Canada, Japan, UW, Missouri, Cal, etc...

Thank you to Nigel Williams-Goss for being a leader. Thank you for believing that you could accomplish your goals at a small school on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. Thank you for making those goals a reality through dedication and sheer will-power and for taking this program to new heights. Thank you for being a perfect example of a student-athlete.

Thank you to Przemek Karnowski for your dependability and resilience. Thank you for your role in each of your 137(!) wins. Thank you for your example of endurance and recovery against all odds. Thank you for coming back for one final run to the Final Four and beyond.
Thank you to Josh Perkins and Silas Melson for sacrificing your roles for the good of the team. Thank you for being the unsung heroes that could be stars elsewhere.

Thank you to Zach Collins for believing in the Gonzaga culture. Thank you for paving the way for future 5-Star recruits to consider a small university in a mid-major conference in a small media market and for showing that this program can overcome all of these stumbling blocks through teamwork and dedication. Thank you in advance for coming back for an AA season next year (pretty please?!?)

Thank you to Johnathon Williams III and Jordan Mathews for having faith. Thank you for giving up touches and minutes in exchange for wins and a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to the Zags that set the stage, from Calvary and Stepp all the way up to Wiltjer and Sabonis, this never would have happened without each of you.

Thank you to Gonzaga University for investing in the vision. Thank you for everything that you mean to the city of Spokane.
Thank you to the 2016-17 Gonzaga Bulldogs. Thank you for displaying good sportsmanship in all 37 victories and both losses. Thank you for the WCC and NCAA Regional Championships. Thank you for breaking through that Final Four barrier and for showing that you belonged. Thank you for representing yourselves, your families, your team, your university and your community with dignity every step of the way.

Thank you.

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Nicely done.

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