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Section 116
04-03-2017, 08:08 PM
UNC will celebrate a 6th national championship as the Tar Heels score the last 8 points of the game as the Bulldogs finish the season with a school record 37 wins. One year after a last second shot sent the Tar Heels home a loser they score the last 8. GU led by 7 three times in the first half, UNC never led by more than 6 which was the final margin. There were 44 fouls called in the game. Zags shot 34% from the field for the game, UNC 35.6%. Zags outrebounded UNC 49-46. Free throws Zags 17-26, UNC 15-26. Nigel 5-17 from the field for 15 points. It was the Zags worst shooting night of the season. First time this season GU was outshot but not by much. There was not much continuity in the game, it was tough for either team to find any rhythm. Perkins with 13 (all in the first half I believe). Williams, Karnowski and Collins with 9. Berry with 22 for UNC. Jackson 16 and Hicks 13. Zags hit 7 of their first 14 shots. 8-0 run started the second half for UNC with a really lazy sloppy turnover by Perkins. After that run though, for a long time it kind of turned into a possession by possession game. There was tremendous effort by the player on both teams, but in Santangelo's words there was a lot of "influence" by some other folks. Santangelo also noted it wasn't just the amount of points Berry scored, but he scored at some really critical times of the game, pulling UNC to a tie or ahead. UNC had a nice game plan against NWG slowing him down in transition and making tough on him in the lane. Shem was 7-9 from the line, and only had one field goal on 1-8 shooting. 8-29 shooting in the second half for the Zags. UNC 4-27 from three. That's about all I got as I am headed to the post game TV press conference.

04-04-2017, 07:56 PM
Thanks 116. Always appreciated.