View Full Version : Final Four Pre-Game Music

04-01-2017, 01:55 PM
I am not sure a lot of you are like me and need some visual and aural stimulation in preparation for a big game. This is something I have not previously shared except with close neighbors and occupants of nearby cars.

Here is a sample. BTW, I finally got bored with Impossible Dream around midnight. Most of you have no respect for Andy Williams. You are probably downhill skiers.

Always a good warm-up is the Stones, Paint It Black.


For you warmongers who enjoy a good Liebfraumilch.


For you warmongers who enjoy arrogance and senseless violence and Robert Duvall.


If I am excused for Man of La Mancha show tunes, I think I can sneak in Tom Cruise [with shirt] and Kenny Loggins. It works for me particularly if cranked up window bouncing high. More fun when I'm lighting firecrackers and dropping them in empty 22 oz beer bottles.


I want to believe in magic. I know. Sacrilege. Burn me.


Please be sure to drink responsibly.

Your Pal,


PS: On a more serious note, I was moved by some of your posts in the dedication thread. This one's for you.


There was a time in this country when degenerate stoners could harmonize.