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04-01-2017, 02:19 AM
Sili and his husband have visitors from America. Two physician/ nurse couples. Both of the physicians UCLA grads. Both of the wives Zag fans to honor their hosts. The UCLA boys are lamenting their premature exit.

We began our day with cappuccinos at the local bar just down the road from our farmhouse (about 200 meters). We decided we would go to nearby Lucca for lunch, shopping and to visit the Muro Verde. (It is a garden show held on the top of Lucca's famous and gracious walls). The temperatures were perfect 20-25 and sunshine (65-75F). After all the gentlemen took advantage of the half price sale at the Musetti's near the Pz. Napoleone we adjourned for lunch at Giglio's, where we enjoyed a spectacular three course lunch and resuscitated 2 bottles of Francia Corta Bubbly.

After lunch, we wandered along the Via Filungo. We were delighted that our friends were so taken with our favorite Tuscan city where those speaking Italian still vastly outnumber those speaking English. At about 3 pm we wandered over to the Garden Show. It was a splendiferous botanical display. Roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, clematis, citrus pants 3 meters tall of every imaginable type. I could go on and on, but I won't. Suffice it to say, Seattle, eat your heart out.

While we assembled near the entrance, I noticed a lovely young girl with a baseball cap with a GU on it. After a double take, I asked, in Italian (that is mostly what we both speak nowadays, even to each other), "are you a zag?" She was flummoxed but understood me and responded "si, si" It took me awhile to shift into English, but was able to eventually convince her that I too was a Zag, albeit a slightly more vintage edition. She was there with a group of about 10 others, mostly coeds. I found it amazing that kids this age would be attending a garden show, but then recalled that Zag fans of any age unique and (without meaning to sound snobbish) well, special. What Bruin let alone Gamecock fan would be attending a garden show in Lucca, for heaven's sake?

We thoroughly enjoyed our (albeit) visit with these charming young people, even though our Plastic Surgeon colleague decided to tease them and proceeded to inform them how many times his team had made the final four not two mention how many times they emerged as the champions. I must admit that I find UCLA people tedious and obnoxious especially after the breakdown in the Oakland Coliseum eleven years ago. I tried to switch the conversation from UCLA (They always manage to make it about them even when it isn't). We asked if the young Zags if they knew our good friend Patrick Burke, the venerable former Dean of GIF. They adore him and obviously he's still got game (He remains Sili's all time favorite professor).

I asked if there would be a viewing at GU in Florence of the game. They indicated that a Florentine pub-restaurant, called Uncle Jimmy's, would be staying open late and would air the game. So guess where the six of us will be tonight? Well Uncle Jimmy's of course. Near the Piazza Antinori on the Via Pescioni 5. We shall be gathered there with wonderful young people who could easily be our grandkids. We booked a nearby hotel and will spend the night or what's left of it, after we herald in Sunday. Sili, his husband, and four Americans will be among the faithful gathered in Florence tonight to watch the game. I kind of fantasized that CBS might have a camera crew, to show a gathering of the Zag faithful in Firenze, kind of like they show the troops during the Super Bowl. It would be nice for the rest of America to see how Zag folks party, whatever their age or location. Anyway Sili, his drinking companions, and his adopted grandchildren will be at Uncle Jimmy's beginning at nine minutes past midnight, hoping for redemption.

I tried as best I could to find a thread to post this little and perhaps inconsequential news item but nothing seemed to work. So I took the liberty of starting a new thread. As for the beverage of choice, that remains to be seen. Jimmy's is a Beer Joint but I am doubtful they serve Olympia or Rainier, which is what we drank at GU.

Affetuosi Saluti da Sili, dalla Toscana, Sili


PS. Win this one for El Voce.

04-01-2017, 03:45 AM
Forza Gonzaga!!!!!

04-01-2017, 08:21 AM
Good to hear from you, Sili. Have fun tonight. I was hoping you'd find time to write to your friends here. I hope the CBS cameras are there too.

Go Zags!!!