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03-31-2017, 07:12 AM
It's finally Friday, the day before Game Day. I can't contain my excitement any longer. I have to say, I'm getting really excited folks. I mean, WE'RE IN THE FINAL FOUR. When tomorrow comes, and Game Day is here I know I'm going to feel sooooo good. I love basketball as we all do. I've never missed the Final Four, and for all these years I have reflected on how I wished Gonzaga could be in it. In the last 18 years, we've come close a number of times and have had some really good teams and great players, but none of them could get over the hump. But over the last 18 years my confidence has grown little by little each year. And then this team appeared and began to show us that they just might be the team to do it, and after our first victory over St Mary's I began to believe that this team really could be the team. And then last Saturday, in what was their best game of the year, they did it, and they did it with style. Their attacking style was a thing of beauty, and the Ninja Shooters finally came alive and canned one three pointer after another. And suddenly we were IN.

This has been an unusual week for me because usually I spend the week before the Final Four games reflecting on "how close we came." I also was usually disappointed to some degree that we didn't make it, especially in those years that I thought we could have made it. I always wondered what it would feel like and be like to actually have the Zags in the Final Four and this week I finally got to feel it, and it's a really great feeling of joy and that sense of pride that comes with accomplishing something really really REALLY hard.

So today, the day before the Game Day I am glowing with joy and excitement. Tomorrow we will play, and find out if we move on to the championship game. I've grown tired of reading about So Carolina and how good they are. From here on my focus will be on the Zags and how good we are. I will think about how good Nigel Goss-Williams is and let others worry about PJ Thonwell if they want to. After all NWG is an All American and a finalist for the John Wooden Award. I'll remember all day how great JWIII has been. He's unbelievable to me. Others can worry about Dozier if they want. I will focus on Mt Karno who's presence on the court is unbelievably threatening to all opponents. He's a real presence and a dangerous force. I'll think about Mathews, Perkins and Melson and smile as I feel that our shooters are coming alive at the right time. We have a bench that is unmatched in college basketball. A USC poster said they have a 6' 9" post player who comes off the bench. Well good for them. We have a 7 footer and a 6' 10" post player who come in off the bench.

So Carolina is a great team for sure. They're one of the top teams in America right now. I'm glad we're playing them. They are the perfect match-up for Gonzaga.

Go Zags!!!

03-31-2017, 07:36 AM
Great post. I always have wished the same thing and to see it come true is just amazing to see. I'm proud of the zags and am excited for tip off. They made it to the final weekend.