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Section 116
03-25-2017, 04:55 PM
Got to the radio late, had to watch Few on TV, but I heard Perk say first time in his career he had to dodge a ball girl going in for a layup.

Hudson: 2 lead changes, 2 ties, Zags led the rest of the game. Zags came out in the second half and seized the momentum after that freaky bounce for a bucket and then the Macura three that was waived off, it still felt like X had a little momentum. Hudson said the last 3:30 to him felt like three and a half hours. GU is the west regional champion headed to the final four, they're all wearing their shirts and hats and cutting down the nets. Bluiett who was averaging 25 points in the tournament did not score after half time and finished with 10. Macura had 18. NWG 23, JW3 19. Man Hudson had a great call as the clock was winding down and Alberts was dribbling out the clock, he sounded like a kid just like I feel. Karnowski first player up the ladder to cut the net. Mathews and Perk with 11. Once GU settled into the game they played fantastic. GU and X each with 41 rebounds, but the Zags were outrebounded for a while. JW3 really had a ball game here tonight. He was just unstoppable in the first half. GU holds X to 2-16 from three. If that shot from Macura had been good at the half it could have been a whole different second half as there could have been a real quick 5 points there to end the half. X elation went to deflation when the refs waived it off. X started to play with some desperation at the clock moved under 10 and they just couldn't cut into the lead. They threw up some shots not normal for them. Zags 12-24 from three, 13-25 from the free throw line, go figure? X 35% from the floor, and 13-22 from the line.

Michaelson: It's special man this program has been up there with any in the country, but this is the one thing that eluded us. We shot the ball well from three in the first half when we weren't throwing it away. OUr defense was just locked down, especially in the second half. We switched from man to zone, we had NWG, JW3 and others on Bluiett, just a great job. He and Macura, their superstars we held to 28. We talked about we had to play like Utah last year. Everyone had a role and everyone did their job. This win is for all the guys that came before, the guy nest to you is the guy who helped get this all started (Santangelo). This is for Turiaf, and Dickau and Stepp and all those guys. This is for everybody, this is just so special.

Santangelo: I think Rui was more happy than anyone in the building when he hit that three, that smile was just huge. You know, having the confidence to shoot the three tonight, after some tough games recently was huge. Xavier came in shooting 52% from the field in the tournament, Zags held them to 35%. I think Hudson said they were shooting 40% from three in the tournament and the Zags half them to 12.

School record for most victories in a season with 36. Hudson- I think a lot of people thought this team might be able to make a run at the Final four, but not like this. Tillie played well with extended minutes which was needed when the Zags got in foul trouble. NWG, Mathews and Williams on all tournament team. JW 3 played like a warrior all weekend, he ran down the court with a shoe off. I gotta watch the post game press conference, if I get more later, I'll add it here.

03-25-2017, 05:05 PM
Fantastic and thanks as always!

ZagMan in Philly
03-25-2017, 05:09 PM
Fantastic and thanks as always!


03-25-2017, 05:15 PM
Thanks so much 116, you rock! What a special day!

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Thank you, from all of us as always!