View Full Version : Many Superstitions RE: Altering Attire During a Winning Streak. Take a Letter to . .

03-25-2017, 12:47 PM
. . . Phil Knight.

When the Zags win today, they will wear their "home" whites against either Florida or South Carolina, just as they have for the entire tournament. The same would apply for a final against either Kentucky or Oregon. All four are seeded lower than the Zags. But Kansas and North Carolina are also number one seeds, but ahead of GU. Thus, road uni's for the Zags. Designing new and sensational uniforms takes some time. So,

"Dear Phil,

Gonzaga may need your help on great new road uniforms for a possible national championship game. Could you please get your designers started, just in case? Etc., etc."

Go Zags! FF and more! And get Mr. Knight's company started; we might need a quick turnaround!