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raise the zag
03-25-2017, 10:01 AM
Laurie Markannen and Chance Comanche were literally HEAD and shoulders taller than anyone in Xavier's front court.

Xavier runs a variety of zones, mostly a form of the 1-3-1. Nearly all game. A swarming type zone.

A great opportunity for put-backs, alley oops after penetrating, rebounds are an opportunity vs their zone.

Markannen and Comanche settle for jumpers, or 3pt shots vs their zone. They were not aggressive around the hoop, were not there for put-backs or post op chances. When Ristic stuck in there, he got numerous rebounds and chances.

We have seen, time and time again, Karnowski struggles vs swarming zones as he can't read the double or weak side help nearly as well.

We have also seen Tillie and Collins flourish vs zone. They have slammed home oops, secured offensive rebs, and stayed aggressive offensively around the paint.

Karno will be KEY, literally huge for defensive purposes, but has never performed very well vs zone offensively. TO prone.

When NWG runs the team, instead of trying to force his shot this NCAA, he has found Collins and Tillie for easy shots. I think this will be key today. Those two need more than 16 mins and 6 mins.

Combine them with J3 for rebounding purposes and offensive boards. The zone leaves holes, and this is one. Yes, we need to make shots to keep the defense honest and extended, but our bigs will be key.

Tillie and Collins and J3 are zone busters if they stay aggressive on the glass and around the rim.

If Markanned wouldn't have taken so many 3's and/or fadaway jumpers, Arizona wins going away. Xavier struggles a bit vs size, at least defensively, hence their perms-zone scheme.

I do feel we'll struggle a bit guarding them. They make unbelievable shots, time and time again. But I also think we can score and eat up their zone if we play the right lineups and the right style. Goind 8-30 from 3pt, as we did vs SDSU, or 4-17 vs NW, will end in a loss.

Stay aggressive around the rim, look for easy lobs, and rebound the hell outta the ball. Collins and Tillie will be key. J3 is always key. Karno will probably continue to struggle some vs zone. Either way, use our bigs even when they are collapsing!!!

Some high-low post up action could be nice to see again as well. Use Karno there, or Tillie who is GREAT at it. We haven't seen a well run high low post play since our "prime" playing days this season.

Remember, a zone preys on HERO ball. They did this vs Trimble, Trier, Markennen, et al. Need to play aggressive, keep moving, and trust your teammates.

03-25-2017, 10:37 AM
I agree that an aggressive inside game is a key factor against this team. But I would also like to see GU run a little bit more... I think it helps our guys being aggressive going to the hoop, and also opens up the 3-point shot - as well as not letting Xavier set up that zone. And I don't think they have the offensive firepower to keep up with us in that type of game.