View Full Version : Eric McClellan to Koroivos in Greece

03-05-2017, 09:57 AM
He was with Tubigen in Germany for a while, but I didn't find a game in which he played.

Now he's in Greece, signed with Koroivos, playing in the same league as Steven Gray.

Greek Basketball League (http://widgets.baskethotel.com/site/esake/)

Official Koroivos Site (http://www.koroivosbc.gr/)

Eurobasket Team Page (http://basketball.eurobasket.com/team/Greece/ASA_Koroivos_Amaliadas/1016?Page=0)

Box score from a recent game (http://www.eurobasket.com/boxScores/Greece/2017/0304_1016_277.asp)

Current league standings, showing Eric and Steven's team far down the ladder, at 10 and 11:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/5X8xcG5QGkS1w1NNhF2AWww3fVOmLsqbyaQj9uieWsXna0IYn5 fzWLVDon4aBF8ijifcb-4Da_LJlZn3wZg3e-mnaoQcKg1h-q9vVUK12fUQb3F2aiSq0zdILnJAjIpwmA2GXr1Fsq9ivzDtAIa ZAltTAFm0gE_Sss3LZNnDsicu1R2S70msgsjO6DS1oI0ErfH8D q80tOHPdWpky2rR7HXvhtDJf2uIF6FiqwlnUDNUayTgGIKIw4t rGAhybpBp4fA6q_9imm6IekEGbBgBm0j6O23faivxYfxmFX6go jGfalIIBJr-vfB3Y7vIlQGqSsJ9ijVHTDQ8rjCojgmpEj77U0R2W6-zGoxYsgr7OtVxqn0ZYpu63o5unrPPrOOMNfL9e2lCwyAMfdNdL yjA08o-GXDb0GUmzJy8t_o6wiMZY_wJ0Saxe2QlMLhjb9a7NrfLeAAeSL FvT2XQgZZUxb4bNjS6nZbJ3V_0Jjjy6MReoCMcHGPzp44KFAAJ xQWa1wGrPA4HFXUSaeWHMk6_CSfSWnHcvKufnxg_sLOCsfTzk4 qRzy5yRkgWAyBrlQXdW8eVAn5etR058-94XtkzH4pfXGKF67EDTVgjd9GYwQfjeFriFA=w157-h222-no

Dang! I like Eric so much, and he was such a good player for the Zags! I want him to find a good spot where he'll be appreciated and given the opportunity to shine.

03-11-2017, 08:14 AM
Steven Gray's Lavrio beat Eric's Koroivos today 93-63. Box Score. (http://widgets.baskethotel.com/site/esake/game/3672661/#mbt:241-400$t&0=1)

Steven and Eric both had pretty good games, Steven with 11 points, 3 assists, and 2 rebounds, Eric with 13 points, an assist, and 4 rebounds.

03-11-2017, 09:39 AM
Thanks Native.