View Full Version : Back to the Future?

10-17-2007, 09:59 AM
Although my Indians play in the American League, I do not unabashedly love AL style baseball. I do not like the DH, it eliminates the double switch, efficient use of pinch hitters, and various other strategic moves. I love stealing bases, hit & run, run & hit, sacrifices, bunting for hits,squeezes, and the most exciting play in baseball, the suicide squeeze. These thing make Baseball the great game it is. Now to another complaint..., the pajama bottom uniforms, it is disgusting to this fan watching players like the Tribes Sabathia, Boston's Ortez & Ramirez, and many other big men wearing uniforms so baggy they look like circus clowns. Their trousers are so long, that they tear up the bottoms with their spikes and could result in injury or more free passes due to hit (grazed) batsmen. Oh, for the days of stirrups & sani-sox, the way baseball uniforms were worn for years. If it was good enough for the likes of Willy, Mickey, & the Duke, its good enough for todays players. Bring back the stirrups!!