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Save last season's foray into bubble drama, Gonzaga's lock status in this category is practically a rite of February passage. Still, don't be fooled: This Gonzaga team appears to be the best one yet. The nation's last unbeaten team, and one with a real chance of getting to March without a loss, the Zags are whip-smart and unselfish and customarily brilliant on the offensive end. What makes this team different is the number of weapons Mark Few has at his disposal, the sheer depth at his fingertips, and the ferocity with which the Zags play at the defensive end of the floor. That stuff's new. Depending on your perspective, it's either exciting or terrifying. Or both.

Ferocity on defense travels extremely well this time of year.

02-07-2017, 08:54 AM
Saint Mary's [21-2 (11-1), RPI: 20, SOS: 102] One of the most surprising teams of the 2015-16 season returned entirely intact in 2016-17, and with top-25 expectations awaiting them. Thus far, expectations have been met. The Gaels are even better offensively, significantly better defensively, and boast one of the nation's most efficient players in center Jock Landale. A win at Dayton is their best of the season, and their schedule isn't all that impressive, but wins matter too, and Saint Mary's has chalked up plenty of them. None would be bigger than a victory over rival Gonzaga at home on Saturday, in which payback for January's lopsided loss in Spokane would double as a Selection Sunday guarantee

I agree with that last sentence, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Mr Vulture
02-07-2017, 11:11 AM
In reading some of the ridiculous posts from commenters, like the guy that said Cincinnati's resume was as good as Gonzaga, I decided to take a look at Pomeroy. I found it telling that Gonzaga is 5-0 versus the Pomeroy Top 40 teams. More impressively, Gonzaga is the only team in the nation that is Top 10 in both offense and defense in Pomeroy and are in fact ranked 4th in both metrics. I just don't get the national narrative that Gonzaga always falls short or is overrated. Facts show that Gonzaga plays to their seed better than most teams in the tournament. The only thing I can come up with is the loss as a #1 seed to Wichita State a few years back (who went on to the Final Four) and the fact we haven't made a Final Four.

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The scramble for conference tournament seeding in the Big Ten, ACC, and Big East will make for some compelling games as we make our way through February and early March.

One such game is this evening: Michigan St @ Michigan. Rooting for Izzo's team.

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Ferocity on defense travels extremely well this time of year.

Double-D! Depth and Defense!

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I think the following Big-5 "Bubble Teams" should not even be considered BUT because they are Big-5 schools they will most likely be selected:

School: Conference Record RPI/SOS

Wake Forest: 3-7 29/13
Clemson: 3/7 45/24
Miami: 5-5 53/85
VT: 5-5 40/86
Syracuse: 7-4 69/49
Oklahoma State: 4-6 27/16
KSU: 5-6 38/54
TT: 4-6 80-162
Minn: 4-6 23-8
IU: 5-6 74-55
UM: 5-6 79/51

IMO if a team is worthy of an invitation to the Dance, then it should be able to finish at or above .500 in conference play.

The two bolded schools have great wins and they have time to improve their conference record but if not, and they don't win their conference tournament, then they should not get an invite.

The way conferences stand today, the ACC should only get six schools, The Big12 - six schools, Big10 - five schools, PAC12 - five schools, SEC - five schools. IF UCLA (24/142) and USC (26/84)
get an invitation, then schools such as Illinois State (34/114), UNC Wilmington (46-174), Middle Teen (48-151) should also get at-large-bids. Each of these schools is either leading or tied in their conference.