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Chuck Hildebrand
10-13-2007, 12:04 PM
My biography of former Santa Clara coach Dick Davey is now on sale through four on-line outlets: amazon.com, abebooks.com, alibris.com, and booksurge.com. All proceeds will go to the Global Ischemia Foundation; to read further about it, log on to www.globalischemia.org.

Although I discuss his "retirement" debacle at some length, the primary focus of the book is Dick's 40-year coaching career, the admiration and respect he generated throughout the WCC and college basketball, and why he is such a unique figure. Beyond that, I think the book will be of interest to Gonzaga supporters, because I go into some detail about the "Gonzaga syndrome" within the WCC, and I address some of the misapprehensions administrators and supporters at schools like Santa Clara have about Gonzaga's program and what it would take for a school like Santa Clara to get where Gonzaga is.

I can be reached at chbrand1@gbis.com if anybody has any questions.

Chuck Hildebrand

10-13-2007, 05:43 PM

Thanks for your post, and I'll definitely buy your book.

Davey's legacy should be a point of pride in the WCC. I was happy to be able to attend his final home game at Leavey and see his career highlights flash on the Jumbotron at timeouts during that game vs. the Toreros.


10-13-2007, 05:52 PM
Chuck was very active in the Reno area with The Reno Gazette-Journal and later with a web site devoted to covering Nevada high school sports.

Look forward to reading the book and good luck with the wordsmithing going forward !

10-13-2007, 07:18 PM
Chuck I believe was formerly a sports writer for a San Francisco penisula paper and was approached by some of the older player alumni to do a history of Bronco Football before they all died off ... and a great job he did ....

if his previous book is at all an indicator this one should be worth reading as well

here is a Link to Amazon.com (www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1419676660/zigsbookstoreA/) that will take you straight to the book

also if you use this link a portion of Amazon's profit will be forwarded to the Global Ischemia Foundation ("www.globalischemia.org/" ), which was founded to encourage research into central nervous system ischemic accidents, like the one by which Dick's daughter-in-law Kathleen Davey was stricken.


Chuck Hildebrand
10-13-2007, 11:22 PM
Thanks guys ... yes, I did work for the now-defunct Peninsula Times Tribune in Palo Alto from 1979-92. I covered college basketball, particularly Santa Clara and Stanford, through virtually all of that period. I came to Nevada in 1997, worked briefly for the Gazette-Journal, and then started NevadaPrep.com, a website that covers high school sports throughout the state. I sold the site over the summer and plan to focus on book projects for the immediate future.

Since bronco66 mentioned my previous book (Bronco Sundays, about Santa Clara's football program), I've been thinking about another corollary project: The flowering and demise of football programs from smaller schools, most of them Catholic, like Santa Clara (and Gonzaga, with Tony Canadeo) that were nationally prominent before and immediately after World War II. USF, St. Mary's, Duquesne, Marquette, Georgetown, Fordham, the University of Chicago (which was once in the Big Ten), Detroit ... all of them were in the national rankings often in football's early days, and as far as I know, nobody has made an attempt to write a book about their collective glory years and why they eventually were priced and otherwise bulldozed out of big-time college football.

Sound interesting to anybody?