View Full Version : Money Talks,but.....

10-11-2007, 05:01 PM
I guess being a Mid-Western transplant makes me a bit thin skinned, but the Network Sports Departments give me a pain in the arse. If New York, Boston, or Philly on the East Coast plus either L.A., San Francisco, or Seattle on the West are out of contention they believe that particular season is a bust.With my Tribe knocking off the Yanks in the AL and Colorado & Phoenix contending in the NLCS, they are left with only the RedSox to keep the talking heads from going ballistic. I suppose they think that those Professional Teams, Colleges & Universities in fly-over country are just supposed to roll over and play dead . In this latest debacle, Steinbrenner & the New York fans actually believe that if the Yankees don't play in the World Series EVERY season, Joe Torre,IMHO, the best Manager in Baseball, should be fired. Hell, if I owned the Cardinals I would trade LaRusso for Joe Torre, even up.One would think the George and the East Coast media would learn that MONEY cannot guarantee a Champoinship Contender. The Yanks payroll (140+ Mil) has dwarfed most every team and even with the kickback to us flyover Cities, still does. Just about 80% of our Indians (61.9Mil) Club is home grown in our Farm System, and brought along doing things in the same way, the Tribes payroll is aproximately half of the Yankee's and we are still playing while New York watches.