View Full Version : A win is a win but gosh that was a wake up call.

11-27-2016, 03:06 PM
I don't agree at all with the notion that the announcers Dickie V and that Mike Morgan said a few times in second half, that we took there HUGE run and didn't flinch or panic. I thought we TOTALLY panicked in that second half. WE turned the ball over time and time again. we missed shot after shot, we only scored 24 points in second half and honestly we only scored 15 points in the last 15 minutes of that game after they started there run. We looked to not have a clue how to play on the perimeter against a trapping press and then against INTENSE on ball pressure, our strategy offensively appeared to be pick up dribble and NOBODY move on perimeter to get open and then the man with ball turn it over or also the other strategy was dribble around aimlessly and no ball movement then jack up a forced three pointer. In addition to all of that it seemed like we missed a lot of free throws down the stretch to keep ISU within reach of winning the game in regulation. I was not at all impressed with our composure. I am glad we won though because winning is WAY better than losing of course and the wins today and yesterday may have already put us in a different position than we were in last season when we did not win one single game in nonconference that was considered a win by the alleged experts to get us into the tourney as an at large team. So in that regard great job by the team by getting what at this point appears to be two solid victories in non conference which will help us greatly later in season as far as experience and "good wins" come selection sunday, now we probably get to come home and get some legitimate practice time in which will really help everybody and this will be good game experience for everyone as the season goes along. That seemed like a type of game we will get in the second round of the NCAA tourney which was good experience for us so all in all a good day to be a ZAG (all days are good days to be a Zag, but you know what I mean).