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11-24-2016, 01:49 PM
Karnowski averaging 19 mins a game, said he would like to be around 20-22 mins so he's right there. JW3 seems to be rounding into form with a huge second half against Bryant. Same with Perkins, who had 14 of his 18 in the second half. Karnowski now the leading scorer at 14.7. Post Bryant Karnowski: They didn't double me at first so I took advantage of that. I'm feeling pretty good and I'm on a rising path. I'm getting my minutes and Collins, Tillie, Edwards and JW3 all can give me a blow. JW3 is doing so great in practice I'm glad he finally go to to take it to the court in the second half. When we go to our zone it gives us better outlets to pass to our guards. We like to pressure with different defenses, give them different looks so they don't get used to anything. I enjoy all our defenses. Santangelo stayed in Spokane, Hudson handling the radio by himself. GU has not lost on the floor in Orlando at this tournament. They are a perfect 6-0. Mathews struggled a bit offensively against Bryant, but Hudson said he talked to him earlier today and he remains confident. Jeremy Jones from Rice is suited up tonight and is on the court stretching as is Norvell. No word yet on redshirt status. Hope to have a post game report of sorts if I can fit it in around dinner and the girls game which begins at 5pm. Zags post game dinner is scheduled for around 9:30 Eastern time, which is where Hudson said he will be eating.

11-25-2016, 12:11 PM
digging all the changing Ds, the pressure Ds from different looks, the varying Ds from the same looks, from zones and from M2M and from 3/4 court. can't recall a Zag team since I've been watching do that so much, so fluidly and effectively. of course hopefully that continues tonight, looking forward to seeing how it plays out later today with the matchups. Karno has been beast on both ends of the floor