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11-18-2016, 08:27 AM
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“I sat down with Trav (Travis Knight), our strength coach, and he went through a whole plan,” he said. “I think what stood out more than any other school was their plan for our redshirt year.” NWG

“Meeting the coaches for the first time on my visit was pretty amazing and they had a plan for me,” he said. “They watched film on me and saw my weaknesses and said ‘we are going to work on this, so you will be prepared when you step back on the court.’ ” Williams

"With strong communication from the top to the bottom of the program, he described Gonzaga as a family atmosphere, which helped him slot right in with everybody." Mathews

“I think Gonzaga has such an unbelievable culture and family atmosphere where maybe guys don’t have that in other college programs and that is something I saw,” he said. Dickau