View Full Version : Dead Dog Days of Summer - Happy Labor Day!

09-04-2016, 09:01 PM
I have not been a frequent visitor this summer but things on the GU board seem to be particularly quiet. By now I would have expected some of you (ahem, Rebound) to be explaining with statistics and furious arguments why GU is inevitably headed to win a National Championship, or others (ahem, Jazz) to be explaining with wit and sarcasm the fundamental flaws in the team and certain players (while mentioning the weather in SoCal). Other than the gigantic 67 page thread of photos of GU players which fails to entice me much since I remain, perhaps regrettably, heterosexual, things seem deader than dead.

Hopefully you will all save up your energy on Labor Day and hit the board with all sorts of new and challenging ideas on Tuesday.

Go Bulldogs!