View Full Version : Adam Morrison sighting

07-31-2016, 08:02 PM
Saw Adam at today's Seattle Sounders game. He was friendly and conversational. Doesn't know me from (ahem) Adam. But he made eye contact when I recognized him as we were passing each other on the mezzanine. I try to be polite and not bother athletes when they are socializing on their own unless they invite contact. He saw my Zag shirt and stuck out his hand. We had a brief chat and then he took off to get in line for a beer. This is the third time in past five years that I've run into him and it was most relaxed I've seen him in a public setting. I'm happy for him.

It was Zag alum day at the Sounders. We got to meet with Zach Scott afterwards down on the field. This has been a regular event for several years. Good turnout today - about 100. Zach cracked a few jokes, signed autographs, and everyone was enjoying Zag love. Morrison didn't come to the event on the field, but didn't surprise me.