View Full Version : Adopt a Zag, Part 2; Random Thoughts

03-19-2016, 04:17 PM
The adoption thing. I think it's working with Melson. I'm a deep pool of sin, so I figured I need to broaden the scope of this Lenten penitential anyway. Post game St. Paddy's, I decided to add Wiltj: Five Our Fathers, Five Hail Marys and one coffee cup full of Fireball. Medicinal balance for the Jack too.

Mr. B is now in on it. She's adopted Sabonis. She won't say what the prayers are. She's walking around with cans of Red Bull. No rosary. Sometimes she scares me.

Finished the HBO thing. Loved the bowling alley scene. Quintessential Zagness. Though this is possibly a hallucination due to my Lenten regimen, I think it is possible I might have dated Gayle. No Jane, but passionate gal.

Regarding beet juice. Who knew Dwight Schrute was a Zag fan and read GUB.

Been laughing about the Power Conference losses. [See above pool of sin; known character flaws]. My bad. Looking for another one.

No matter what happens, proud of the guys.

Beet Utah.

Your Pal,


03-19-2016, 05:13 PM
I'm trying a different approach, I'm having a repeat of my Thursday night pre game meal, corned beef and cabbage with a Guinness.

03-19-2016, 05:25 PM
Mr. B is a she?