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02-17-2016, 11:41 PM
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How do you troll a player at NBA trade deadline? With this jerk move.


In his 32 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, trainer Gary Vitti has tended to the health of quite a few legends. He represents one of the last links to the Lakers of old and the late Dr. Jerry Buss. And he can also be kind of a mischievous devil, especially around this time of year.

It seems that Vitti has pulled the same prank every season around the trade deadline: telling one of the Lakers that general manager Mitch Kupchak needs to have a word...

Every year before the trade deadline Gary Vitti pranks a player by telling them "Mitch needs to see you in his office" Today's victim: Sacre
We get that it's a prank and all in good fun, and the initial emotional roller-coaster probably subsides pretty quickly. Still, poor Robert Sacre, this year's victim. He's been with the Lakers his entire NBA career which also means that his deal expires at the end of this season. That makes him a decent enough trade chip, probably as part of a larger deal, and a trade a real possibility. It's a devastatingly effective prank.

You have to wonder whether this in fact means that Sacre's safe; it'd be the ultimate troll move to pull off this prank only for a real trade involving Sacre to happen before Thursday's deadline. Given the way Lakers fans reacted to the prank, they'd probably be OK with that development:


02-18-2016, 05:48 AM
Traded and he might get some PT!. He isn't the greatest center in the NBA, but he has shown flashes of being a solid back up. Much like Edwards with the Zags, the only real way to get better and get consistent is to play in games. He hasn't been getting that this year.