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02-14-2016, 12:35 PM
There is a good reason for doom and gloom after last nights loss. Will we get an at large bid? Would we get left out?

Good news is we still control our own destiny much like most teams in the country (minus Ivy League)

We have been in this situation where we have had bad years and certain players will us to the big dance. Here are a few:

2007: Derek Raivio basically had himself and torched opponents after the Heytvelt suspension and made his everlasting mark on the Ginzaga program.

2011: An unlikely transfer Marquise Carter led the way after an 0-3 conference start and was the key guy afterward. WCC Tournament MVP like Raivio he was the go to guy in Tounament play. Also had a big game in round of 64 against St. John's

2014: Sam Dower saved the season earlier in late January against Santa Clara @SCU. Down by 1 with 15 seconds left it seemed as though the Zags had plenty of time to get a shot off. As the clock ran down to 5 seconds and nobody was open Dower set a screen and got a look at the rim. He nailed a 3 pointer with about 2 seconds left. He then went on and tore it up afterwards in the WCC Tournament and didn't seem to miss a free throw. I think he missed one. Also was huge in the Oklahoma State game (although that one was Karnowski too)

Of course there are years like 95, 02, and a couple others I might be leaving out. But those aren't nearly as fresh in my memory.

Will someone step up this time or will the Zag Magic run out?

02-14-2016, 02:13 PM
We are fine. We will finish with 24-26 wins and will get a at large bid at worst option.