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12-08-2015, 08:04 PM
As I attended the game I listened to post game radio on the drive home. What follows is just from my memory, which doesn't function as well as it used to! Most of the adjectives used by Hudson and Santangelo were no surprise. Low to no energy, lethargic, listless you name it. The building was the same. The Kennel Club was half full, the crowd, those that were there were low to no energy, really a dull game. Montana came to play, that is obvious. Donnie Daniels noted there were a lot of guys on the team who were going to have to do some serious soul searching. That being said he noted when GU went down by 4 late in the game several guys stepped up including Perkins who made a big late shot and McClellan who had a fairly nice stat line this evening. Daniels noted Few went to Triano early trying to find someone who could score the ball. Hudson and Santangelo talked a couple minutes about Ryan Edwards and how they had hoped he would get more minutes this evening. He got several minutes in the first half and contributed but in the second half he really only got a look when Sabonis picked up foul #4. Both guys noted Edwards will be needed big time vs. UCLA. On a personal observation Karnowski appears to be nowhere near returning to play. He moves slowly and gingerly and sits down slowly and uncomfortably. This quote from Jim Meehan in the Sunday paper following the Arizona game, " Karnowski took a hard fall in Tuesday’s practice and an MRI showed a disc is pressing against a nerve, causing pain in his leg" causes me some significant concern. While I am no MD, I have known folks in the past who have had a similar diagnosis and the usual recovery from conservative treatment (no surgery) can run from several weeks to months. I believe surgery for sure would be a season ender. Few said on his Sunday night show much of the Zags offense ran through Karnowski. It appears to me the Zags may have to move forward without the services of Karnowski, certainly for the foreseeable future.

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Great synopsis 116, much appreciated. Also glad to see hustle plays from McClellan. Loved Few's decision to put in Triano.