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11-28-2015, 11:20 AM
Gonzaga 73 vs UCONN 70

As expected it was a great game, and it came down to the last minute. It was reminding me of the Texas A&M game at the end, but Dranginis stepped up and saved the victory for the Zags. That is exactly how I hope he continues to play. He's a senior, and a damn good player. As Jay Bilis says, he's the "glue guy." Foul shooting was a little better but is was still not good for a team that hopes to play in the Final Four. What the Zags can take away from this game is that they were able to "close the deal." And that's an important lesson that they did not do the game before against Texas A&M. It was nice that they had another opportunity to do it.

I believe the Zags have showed us that they are working hard, learning and getting better each game. I like that. We certainly are not peaking in November. Texas A&M's best game of the year may have been two days ago against the ZAGS. Our guard are really improving and have shot from behind the arch very very well, perhaps better than last year. It's so nice to see Melson playing well, and he is growing in confidence each game, sand his role on the team is following that upside trend. By the start of conference play our guards will be playing well.

Go Zags!!!

11-28-2015, 05:14 PM
Great post Reborn