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11-27-2015, 03:44 PM
Jim Meehan
Melson, part II: "We really have a chip on our shoulder and want to show we can ball out the same way."
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Jim Meehan
Melson, part I: "We know our bigs are going to be dominant day in, day out. The talk of whole country is what the guards are going to do."
12:48 PM - 27 Nov 2015

Jim Meehan
Sabonis: "This has happened a couple times. It's going to help us grow when important games come in NCAA tournament, we’ll be prepared.".
12:47 PM - 27 Nov 2015

Jim Meehan
Karnowski on 2-1 tourney: "Happy for sure about today, coming back from 1-point loss. We responded as a team & going home on a good note."
12:39 PM - 27 Nov 2015

Jim Meehan
Karnowski: "I kept a cushion and right when he went for the 3 I didn't think about fouling, I just wanted to contest it."
12:38 PM - 27 Nov 2015

Jim Meehan
GU, leading by 3, was planning to foul before UConn's 3-pointer but that changed when Shem ended defending guard Gibbs: Karno swatted shot.
12:36 PM - 27 Nov 2015

Jim Meehan
McClellan: "Last yr this group was pretty solidified at all positions. This group a bit different..young backcourt, stepping into new roles.
12:31 PM - 27 Nov 2015

Game story: Jim Meehan ‏@SRJimm 49m49 minutes ago
Game story -- Dranginis lifts Gonzaga to finish line of 73-70 win over Connecticut: http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/sportslink/2015/nov/27/dranginis-clutch-zags-hold-uconn/ …

raise the zag
11-27-2015, 05:58 PM
this quote bothers me on some level:

“We know our bigs are going to be dominant day in, day out,” Melson said. “The talk of the whole country is what the guards are going to do. We really have a chip on our shoulder and want to show we can ball out the same way.”

Maybe its because Melson passes up the open player/big for a contested shot on occasion.

I dunno.

I understand the sentiment, yet given Melson's propensity to shoot the last shot in past few games, makes me realize he's trying to prove something.

He play like it.

Its good to play with a 'chip on your shoulder', yet not at the expense of the team.

So many great abilities and attributes he brings to the table, but sometimes his selfish play is a detriment to team success.

This quote shows itself on the court with him. The good with the bad.

I like to see his aggressiveness and scoring, yet was extremely disappointed in him passing up open looks to Sabonis underneath to shoot HIS shot.

Never noticed this until I watched the replay with my Wife, but there were at least 3 occasions our bigs had the angle and he blatantly looked, then shot, instead of rewarding their post position.

Silas is a talent, its evident with his play, yet sometimes his is selfish. At the end of the last 2 games it cost us.

I just hope he realizes this team is most successful together. Not guards vs bigs.

As good of scorer and defender he is, he needs to improve his awareness/flow/unselfish play.

11-28-2015, 07:58 AM
I read all Zag tweets and comments referred to as darn good attitudes going forward. These 3 games painted a high res image for what the team needs to work on - and with the 1 point loss that image should be imprinted quite well. I'm looking forward to the next few games! The team building of these past 3 days should be noticeable.

11-28-2015, 09:28 AM


Though UConn went 1-2, it wasn't an awful trip. Look at it this way: The Huskies handled a possible NCAA Tournament team in Michigan, then lost a fantastically close and entertaining game to Syracuse, which will be ranked come Monday. The L to Gonzaga stinks, but at least UConn made a huge push and didn't quit. This game looked over with 12 minutes to go and Gonzaga controlling everything.

Kevin Ollie made sure his team didn't simply wilt. With high-profile games, we always look for takeaways, at least something that can be gleaned for the winning and losing teams. Here, it's clear for UConn: The new guys are really good and already looking reliable. Expect UConn to have a 10-man rotation this season. Even Steve Enoch, a local kid from Norwalk, Conn., showed flashes.

For Gonzaga, the progress of Dranginis and freshman Josh Perkins in the backcourt has been good over the past three games at the Battle 4 Atlantis.