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11-23-2015, 09:36 AM
USA poll up one waiting for AP. Both up. http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/polls

11-23-2015, 10:25 AM
Well - went up 1 in the Coaches poll. No movement in the AP. Drat. Not that I really pay attention to polls much but Ida thunk some of the other losses of ranked teams would have changed the Zags more. This week should be interesting with all the different tourneys.

11-23-2015, 11:54 AM
I love seeing GU ranked highly, but I don't think GU is a top-ten team yet. Top 15-20, sure, but the play against Pitt, combined with the loss in the scrimmage v. Baylor leave me unconvinced right now. Come January, when (I'm hoping) the team has really started to gel, a higher ranking seems justified. For now though, I have some doubts. I suppose it's a potential vs. actual conflict going on with me right now. I see top-ten potential (dare I say a higher potential even than last year), but I don't think we're there yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how we do vs. a top 50 team (97 in KenPom, but has received votes, so I'm splitting the difference).

Edit: especially with Baylor now dropped from the rankings.

11-23-2015, 11:59 AM
As most vets here know, GU has to make hay in the rankings in the OOC due to the dreck nature of the WCC. A Duke can afford a loss or even two now, they will pile up style points when/if they do their business in the ACC. Same goes for all top conference teams. Should Zags slip out of top 20 now, almost impossible to claw up even with double digit slam downs of WCC team. But worst than a low ranking, a dreaded low seed ensues.

11-23-2015, 03:50 PM

#7 at CBS. Go Zags!!