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09-29-2007, 03:48 PM
For me recruiting is the off season game. Obviously recruiting is a critically important coaching fuinction. While I don't lose any sleep about it, it's fun to watch Few's plans come together. And yes I have every confidence in him and his coaching team.

We have discussed that Few and Co. have already begun recruiting Jared Cunningham and Anthony Marshall for what is most likely the single guard spot in '09. We should have Gray, Gibbs, Clarke [yes Clarke], and Bouldin. BZ was kind enough to let us know that Jared Cunninghan is planning an unoffical visit this fall. So things are underway at the guard spot.

Looking at BZ's Scholarship Chart it looks like there are three open spots, beyond Osweiler. If we are fortunate enough to have Jeff Taylor commit this fall we will have lots of coverage at the wing. Barring an early defection.

It looks to me like the biggest need in '09 will be a solid big man. Not that we would be hurting becaue we will likely have Osweiler (fr), Sacre (jr), Poling (so or rs fr) and Foster (sr.) available. But a solid player, maybe bigger than Osweiler might be nice.

The Scout and Rivals have listed a few possibilities, including:

Centers: Greg Smith 6-8/210 and Anthony Stover 6-8/200

Power Fowards: Brendan Lane 6-8/190, Jordan Morgan 6-8/245, and Clarence Trent 6-7/230

Anyone else see this as the next recruiting goal? Would anyone else see it as nice for this player to show up with a solid body, say 210 or better?.

09-29-2007, 04:37 PM
Add Theo to the list of biggs. :)

I don't believe GU is much involved with Trent and Lane anymore. Lane is too close to being a duplicate of Osweiler. Definitely involved with Greg Smith (235 lbs now) and Anthony Stover, though, and you just know other names will pop up along the way. What the staff will go after is a 5. A big, strong, tough, space-eating banger in the mold of either JP or Ronny. It's a priority.

Anthony Marshall or Jared Cunningham (just one)
Greg Smith or Anthony Stover or [unknown big]
Brock Osweiler

Good insights, spud.

Just as an aside: Clarke has a scholie waiting for him. Otoh, when it comes to Taylor and Goodson, it's the first to commit who gets the scholie.

09-29-2007, 05:07 PM
WooHoo needs to give us an update on Biggs McGee!

09-30-2007, 02:47 PM
Greg Smith is #1 on the list, from what I gather. Getting Smith will be much easier said than done. He's wanted by just about every program. My hope is we get him, naturally... But I also hope the staff has multiple options, from high school guys like Stover to Jucos like JP.

Biggs went pro in Latvia. ;)

09-30-2007, 03:05 PM
Just as an aside: Clarke has a scholie waiting for him. Otoh, when it comes to Taylor and Goodson, it's the first to commit who gets the scholie.

If Clarke commits along with Goodson and/or Taylor joining Gibbs and Poling, the combined talent and balance of the '08 class would appear to rival that of the '07 class. Kudos to Few & Co.