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11-03-2015, 06:10 PM
Jim Meehan has a nice article (http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2015/nov/03/zags-have-plans-to-get-three-talented-bigs-on-cour/) with quotes from players about the upcoming season and how they may or may not play the big guys together.

“The simple answer is ‘Oh, you’re going to play the three bigs,’ ” Few said. “It’s something we put some thought in to, we’ll have a definitive plan for them offensively and defensively and then boom, all of a sudden something comes up, well, we didn’t think of that. It’s a challenge.

“As you get going up and down, basketball is a free-flowing game with a lot of different scenarios. It’s been funny some of the situations we’ve found ourselves in that we haven’t covered.”

11-03-2015, 07:11 PM
Juggling playing time with talented bigs is nothing new for Few. Consider recent seasons. The 2011 roster included Robert Sacre, Elias Harris, Kelly Olynyk and Sam Dower. The following season featured Sacre, Harris, Dower and Ryan Spangler while Olynyk redshirted. In 2013, it was All-American Olynyk, Harris, Dower and Karnowski. Last year, Karnowski teamed with Wiltjer and Sabonis to form one of the nation’s top interior units.

Coaches tinkered with the idea of playing Harris at ‘3’, or small forward, when he was an underclassman but the thought quickly passed. He was simply far more effective at power forward.

How often GU goes with the super-sized lineup and more importantly its effectiveness will depend on countless matchup factors, beyond the obvious consideration of foul trouble. Power conference foes, such as Arizona, usually have the ability to employ bigger lineups. WCC foes tend to have fewer accomplished inside players and often use stretch ‘4s’, perhaps even a stretch ‘5’, with three guards.

Thank you for the link, Radbooks.

OT: I think Jim Meehan does a great job covering the Zags. Glad to see his byline again.

11-03-2015, 07:17 PM
Great article. I liked these quotes:

"We're three players that pass the ball well, we're smart," Wiltjer said. "It's definitely something we'll experiment with. It doesn't have to be a huge chunk of the game.

"If we can play together 10 minutes and create mismatches ... In our system everything is so interchangeable. If you call me a '3' and coach Few thinks I have a mismatch inside, he will work to exploit that. That's why I love our offense."

Also this from the Bonus:

Can the three operate together?

"I hope so, but that's the coaches' decision," Sobonis said. "It all depends on us. We have to make it work"

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"Spokane Skyline". I like it.

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"Spokane Skyline". I like it.

I'm not Karnac, but there's a great idea for a poster.

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I'm not Karnac, but there's a great idea for a poster.

Skyline? There is one? JK from a native Noo Yawker.