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09-28-2007, 04:20 PM
My Sporting News Fantasy Hoops Challenge Team, in the Cleveland Cavaliers League, the Spokane Stocktons, is my first endeavor in this game and I wanted to get some opinions/suggestions from you all on my selections. With 35 mil to spread over five position players and a sixth man I tried to avoid any really high priced big names and get the best player I could afford at each slot, plus I must admit a few personal prejudices factored in as well. My most difficult pick was my sixth man and I also wish I had taken Brandon Roy, but his 8.3Mil price would have forced me to carry a cheaper player in another position. Here is what I have:
G. Bibby, M. 6.6 Mil
G. Ridnour, L. 5.0 Mil
C. Collison, N. 5.9 Mil
F. Butler,C. 9.0 Mil
F. Morrison, A. 4.0 Mil
6th Man. Battier, S. 4.5 Mil
How do you think my chances are?

09-28-2007, 06:34 PM
Butler and Collison are heavy injury liabilities, I believe. I'd have to see the prices on some higher ranked guys in comparison to see how well you did though. Iguodala is probably going to be the best bargain in the league if you could have gotten him, unless the sporting news people have realized this as well, and he should be exploding this year.