View Full Version : G.U. October 2015 All Class Reunion

08-07-2015, 10:39 AM
Sorry if this is posted in wrong place. I thought about "Mae's Blue and White" forum but it appears nobody has posted there for over a year.
The Lovely Mrs. '75 and I both graduated from GU 40 years ago and we are thinking about attending the GU all class reunion event in October.
If anyone has knowledge about these events and could share it, I thank you in advance. We are not "Facebook" people. While Spokane is a relatively short trip from our home, it would not be a great decision to go up there and stand around with 300 people we have never met.
If anyone actually reads this, I would like to host a gathering especially designed to salute the greatness that was the Class of '75 at GU. I am thinking of an over-21 event that starts promptly at 4:20 pm on the Saturday of the reunion weekend. Ideally the gathering could be held on the 4th floor of DeSmet for old time's sake, but if that is impossible I can find another location.
Thanks for any information.

Go Bulldogs!