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03-30-2015, 05:46 AM
Kevin Pangos has been known for the past four years for his uncanny shooting but also for his calm leadership at the helm of one of the nation's best offences.There are reasons these kids get to be this way. Here's one reason in Kevin's case:

When Kevin was 15 he began to work out with Roy Rana, Canada's Cadet (U16) team Head Coach who has also coached the Nike Global Challenge and the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland. This meant that his parents would drive him the one hour trip from Holland Landing to downtown Toronto once a week for a 3 hour workout on skill and strength training with some of the best inner city players from Toronto. From this group Rana formed a team that was invited to a tournament in Milan Italy and Kevin was asked to go. The tournament couldnít have gone better for Kevin personally or for the team. Canada became the first international team to win the gold medal by beating Lithuania in the final 93-86. Kevin was named MVP. A great story comes out of the championship game that maybe says a lot to Gonzaga fans as to why Kevin seems so calm under fire and nothing seems to faze him. In Milan the host Italian team was beaten in the semi final by Lithuania and the locals didnít take too kindly to that. In the final the Canadians became the favourites and in the dying minutes as Kevin is bringing up the ball a crowd of Italians are chanting, ď Pangos Pangos Pangos.Ē He was 15.

On a day after such an abrupt ending, I thought you would like to hear this.

03-30-2015, 06:06 AM
You thought right, cdools. Great anecdote.