View Full Version : I am celebrating, I am ecstatic, a big CORNER has been turned in the program

03-30-2015, 01:28 AM
I'm celebrating. I am ecstatic. We not only made the Sweet 16 but the Elite 8 and a respectable run for the Final 4. Sometimes in the last 6 years we were not ranked in the Top 25. I think it will be awhile before that happens again. It looks like we will see ourselves, and the world will see us as a top 15 Brand Name program for quite some time, hopefully perpetually, in the same breath with other elite teams. No longer do we see ourselves as a superb program not over-rated, while the East Coast talking heads subtract 10 points from our ratings because we don't really have the talent. To a significant degree there is a national perception of us the way we see ourselves now, the monkey is gone and we are one of the top feared, admired and respected top 12 or 15 teams in the conversation. The new question everyone will have about us is how high we will go this year, in the same conversations with Louisville, Indiana, AZ, etc. not the conversation about how we don't deserve to be there.

No matter how great a job we continued to believe in ourselves with the stigma, which we did, it is just going to be a nicer ride from here forward with the stigma mostly blasted to bits.

Next year looks terrific, though it will take the OOC to shake out and develop what is going to be the lineup with Josh P, Alberts, Silas M. Eric M and Kyle D at the guard positions. We are definitely reloading, not rebuilding, and it will not be an off year. I perceived the 2013-14 to be an off year with big Sam and David S (love them both to death).
If Few doesn't bring in a super 3 wing, he may ask Eric and Kyle D to try to take on more driving into the lanes role.
I am celebrating - all kinds of paper curtain barriers have been ripped to shreds with our zags, and this run to Elite 8 will also benefit our recruiting for years down the road. Our record is speaking so loud, talk is no longer necessary. Recruits like Josh Perkins and Zach Collins, Wade, etc. will only feed the synergy of: success brings great recruits which breeds more success, which brings better recruits, etc. All the things that make the Zag World quality, have put us up another step in the upward spiral. The 13, 15 and probably 16 year teams will be 1 or 2 seeds in the Dance, and loading up for more after that.
A corner has been turned folks, and there will be no looking back for awhile now.