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on Channel 112 SWX in Spokane.

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Also on CBSSN now. Dish 158. Few on.

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That was cool. Coach Few did a nice job.

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Some of those questions though..........<rolls eyes> How do you spell Coach K's name???

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Transcript is up: http://asaptext.com/marchmadness/media/4_SouthRegional/browse.php?browse_file_name=./transcripts/gonzaga_bulldogs_2015_03_28_16_44.html

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Transcript is up: http://asaptext.com/marchmadness/media/4_SouthRegional/browse.php?browse_file_name=./transcripts/gonzaga_bulldogs_2015_03_28_16_44.html

Q. For the players, what is it going to -- you've had a chance to watch this Duke team a little bit more closely now. What is it going to take to bring it to them tomorrow?
THE MODERATOR: Kyle, start and we'll go down the row.

KYLE WILTJER: We're going to play confidently and continue to play Gonzaga basketball, playing good defense, securing the rebounds and then pushing at them offensively. We feel we're a really deep team. We want to continue to pound them down low and play inside out and just play confidently.

PRZEMEK KARNOWSKI: They're a good team, you know, they try to do some stuff around the perimeter. We have to make sure we get the ball to our guards and make sure that we execute our plays, and, you know, I think we have to take another step in rebounding and just establish ourselves down low.

BYRON WESLEY: Yeah. Like Kyle and Przemek said, continue to play confident. We know how good of a team we are and how tough we can be to guard. If we come out and play hard and be a more physical team like we've been in most of our games this year, I think we'll be fine.

GARY BELL, JR.: They basically said everything. Obviously Duke is a good team, but we're a good team, too. We're going to go out and play hard like we have this whole year.

KEVIN PANGOS: I think we got to play hard. This time of the year the teams that play the hardest that come out on top. I think that's important.

Music to this fan's ears

raise the zag
03-28-2015, 02:51 PM
I caught the final few minutes of Duke's presser with Coach K & Co. No mention of us as opponent in the the moments I watched.

Any transcripts available of Duke?

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FWIW: The Duke Press Conference Transcript is: HERE . (http://asaptext.com/marchmadness/media/4_SouthRegional/browse.php?browse_file_name=./transcripts/duke_blue_devils_2015_03_28_16_11.html)

Coach K offered up some props to the Zags (as did Coach Few to Duke & Coach K)

COACH KRZYZEWSKI: Yeah. Well, you know, obviously it's a great honor to be in this game, well earned by our team, certainly well earned by Gonzaga, also. We're in good health, excited to play. Gonzaga is not just a great team but a great program. Mark has built a great, great program there and a veteran team, a team that's very difficult to defend. With one day preparation we're hoping that we can come up with something to limit them a little bit.

Q. I was wondering if you could -- I know you covered it in the opening statement a little bit, but the mutual respect among two head coaches and where Mark Few is as a head coach in his career and where he's going.

COACH KRZYZEWSKI: He's at a great place. When you win over 80 percent of your games, you establish one of the great programs in the United States at a terrific school, got great kids. Mark's a guy's guy and one of the really outstanding people in our profession. He gives back, whether it be the coaching profession, Coaches versus Cancer, USA Basketball, he's a very humble, great coach and a winner. Obviously his kids love playing for him, and they play an exciting brand of basketball. And I'm a big fan of his and a good friend, and, you know, I'd be pulling for him tomorrow if we weren't playing, to be quite frank with you. He's all the things that are good. He could be a little bit taller (laughter) and he shouldn't be doing all those crazy things in his locker room making us older coaches look bad. Other than that, he's a good guy.

More available at the link

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Any transcripts available of Duke?

Was editing the link with the post, RTZ. . .

raise the zag
03-28-2015, 03:17 PM
Thank you, Reno.

So appreciated.

WOW, some terrific comments by Coach K. He REALLY knows our lineups/tendencies/personnel. Very impressed. He literally spoke about Bell, Pangos, Sabonis, Wesley, Karnowski, Wiltjer, et al and how they play, what they do well, don't do as well, how they play together, what they've done, how they've done it...

You can tell we have been scouted. To a T.

Honestly, Coach Few plays everything close to his vest, yet doubt and have a feeling he doesn't know Duke players' names and skills and strengths as well as Coach K knows ours.

The press conference tells us Duke has been scouting us since they got in the Tourney as 'their' 2 seed. Since the beginning.

WOW again, Coach K pays attention to Gonzaga.

Blown away at his knowledge of our players. Unreal.

Seriously, it reminds me how impressed I was listening to Coach Izzo talk about our players prior to playing us a few years back. They know us and know us well. By name, by style.

He will undoubtedly pass that along and Coach up his players.

Both Coaches praised one another, yet Coach K never ONCE said he was satisfied or grateful, just that he respected. Coach Few, as much as I adore him, was a little too "grateful" in some respects.

Tactics vs tact. I dunno. Coach Few was humble. Coach K was focused. Both are great HOF coaches, just still can't believe how detailed he was regarding our players.

03-28-2015, 03:42 PM
No bulletin board material. No surprise there. Good explanation for the lack of games between the two programs, unlike UW.

03-28-2015, 03:47 PM
Good stuff. Notch a moral victory for coach K on that one. Best balance of praise/respect for an opponent while clearly also knowing what he is going to do to try and beat them. Respect from me for sure.

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03-28-2015, 03:50 PM
Good stuff. Notch a moral victory for coach K on that one. Best balance of praise/respect for an opponent while clearly also knowing what he is going to do to try and beat them. Respect from me for sure.

This was Few's first Elite 8 presser; thought he did very well. Krzyzewski has had 13 times more practice. :)

I did note that Mike made mention of his conference. It wouldn't have hurt Coach Few's cause for him to toss out a line about the WCC, e.g., our conference is a tough night out every night especially on the road. We're used to tough hostile environments and our record shows we were up to the challenge."

Of course, hindsight is always 20 -20. . . .