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Zags now 35-2 Incredible, amazing, awesome says:

Domas, first time playing in a dome like this it was kinda tough. After the early 6-0 UCLA second half run we decided we had to play tough again. We knew they couldn't beat us. It is amazing for me to have an opportunity to play for a Final Four in my first year playing in the United States.

Hudson: Happy times in Zag nation as GU returns to the Elite 8 for the first time since "99". Bulldogs took the lead at 7-4 and held the lead for the rest of the game. UCLA cut the lead to one and all of a sudden everyone in the building went here we go, but the Bulldogs responded with a run of their own and UCLA really never seriously threatened again.

GU takes on winner of Duke-Utah. Only one lead change in the game. Interestingly at the exact same time both teams went on 7 minute scoring droughts in the first half. GU controlled the board and didn't let UCLA get second chance points.

When the lead was 35-34 is when Bell made the little onehander from the side when he was surrounded and then Karnowski went to work. GU had a more focused effort to get the ball inside in the second half and the bigs really went to work. UCLA just didn't have the firepower, especially when Alford couldn't get going. They just didn't have the depth or the bigs to answer inside.

Santangelo said we were the first to be 48 hours away from a chance at the Final Four and that is where this team is. Santangelo-I don't think this team is finished yet. That window before a regional final is such an exciting time.


Karno with 18, Wesley 14, Sabonis, Pangos 10. Zags shot only 40% but still if you shoot like that and still find a way to get it done. May have been the worst shooting game since Arizona. UCLA had 6 bench points coming in and got only 2 tonight. Zags made the Bruins become jump shooters and the Zags didn't turn the ball over so there was no transition offense for the Bruins and no quick looks from three for Alford.

Zags three for 19 from three (15%) but still put 74 on the board. Zags outrebound Bruins 50-39, prior to the last minute they were plus 16. GU had 18 offensive rebounds leading to 22 second chance points.

Dranginnis really set the tone in the first half with his hands and his hustle. No game time for Elite 8 game at this time. The Zags were really dialed in on Alford. He couldn't really even shake free on the down screens. Powell really wants to get to the rim and the Zags made him a jump shooter in the second half and that really isn't his game.

From the the TV post game press conference:

Few, It's an awesome feeling for the players and staff to advance in this tournament.

I'm proud of these guys, we didn't play good tonight and some of that is becuase of UCLA but we still found a way to win. Credit to Alford for flipping UCLA since their early battles.

Karnowski-I tried to establish myself down low so the guys could find me. I thought the game was very physical. My teammates found me on the pick and roll, and I had a great opportunity to finish. It says a lot about this team when we can win be double digits when we had such a bad shooting night.

Karnowski-Offensive rebounds huge for us. 2009 was the first time I watched the NCAA"s, in Poland it comes on TV at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Behind the back passes came about because coach called the plays, because they were doubling me and I knew Sabonis could finish.

Few-After the UCLA 6-0 run we made a defensive corrections protecting the rim on the screen and roll and getting higher on the ball handler. We made a concerted effort to get the ball into Karno and Sabonis. The biggest thing this win does is allow this group to be together 2 more days and 40 minutes from another week together.

These guys love each other and they really want another week together. All the guys that came before this have reached out to us from wherever they are in the world. They really want these guys to go to the Final Four. The leaders on this team are Bell and Pangos but all the players on this team are selfless. Tonight it was Wesley, Domas and Karnowski, and that is why no one is happier than Bell, Pangos and Wiltjer. Shemek is one of the reasons we are where we are. Even though he plays under the radar, he is one of the elite big men in the country. We are getting ready for the next game right now. Staff are watching the next game right now. One of the best things about these tournaments is the police escort you get back and forth to the arena. Traffic is not an issue for us in Houston. Police escort is very cool.

Back to radio:

GU 18 points off the bench. Dranginnis 6 rebounds, 2 assists a block and a steal and he got his hand on a lot of balls. McClellen gave good minutes when Bell got in foul trouble. Everyone on the floor tonight did what they needed to do. McLellan and Melson on the floor in a funky lineup, they didn't score, but they kept the Bruins from scoring while Pangos and Bell got some rest.

A lot of fun so far here n Houston, which happens to be Hudson's hometown. Hudson noted how much the guys that have come before are so excited to be able to talk about it, to be around it and to be part of what this team is doing. Santangelo said we had to play above our head to get where we got, this team just has to play solid. They are 40 minutes away.

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great reporting ... gratitude Section 116 ... Go ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgs !

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Domantas was on ESPN Radio's Freddie Coleman Show after the UCLA win. If you would like to hear the interview, take the Link Below: