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03-20-2015, 11:39 AM
This happened during the 2014 NCAA tournament, so it’s far from timely, but it’s a funny story you won’t hear anywhere else. Sorry I’m just now getting around to posting it a year later.

The highlight of the Zags tournament last year was the over Oklahoma St. The Cowboys was favored, but the Zags lead pretty much the entire game and ran their record against Oklahoma St. to 6-0 all-time.

Though I was worried about the game, I’m always worried about Oklahoma St, yet the Zags have come out on top every time. I think the Cowboys have been favored in every game, with the notable exception of the 2005 game in Key Arena that Ammo won with the banked 3-pointer.

Really, Gonzaga has owned Oklahoma St. to the point some people feel like the Cowboys are cursed against the Zags. Included in those “some people” is T. Boone Pickens. Boone is an Oklahoma State alumni and sports fan, he’s the schools’ biggest benefactor (he’s donated more than $500 million), and he is, quite possibly, the person responsible for creating the OSU/Gonzaga curse when he had an orante entryway put into the house he built on his ranch in west Texas.

How could this possibly make sense? Well… it probably doesn’t, because the idea of curses is ridiculous… but if you believe in superstition (and Boone does), it goes like this:

The entryway to the house isn’t just a design Boone thought would look nice, it’s a piece with a history – the entryway was originally the front door of a stately Beverly Hills mansion owned by none other than Bing Crosby. When the mansion was torn down, Boone paid to have the entryway preserved, shipped to Texas to be installed in the house he was having built. Construction of Boone’s house began in 2004, a few months before Gonzaga beat Oklahoma St for the first time.

Though the connection is immediately identifiable to Gonzaga fans, the coincidence wasn’t noticed until last March, just a few days after the Zags knocked off Oklahoma St. when Boone invited some of his consultants (myself included) to Mesa Vista Ranch for a meeting/retreat. It was while touring the ranch the first day that I learned about the Bing Crosby door, but I didn’t know if I’d get a chance to mention it. Then, after dinner that evening, Boone came over to talk to me about the Gonzaga/Oklahoma St game (though I don’t know Boone well, we do talk sports).

When he brought up the Cowboys 0-6 record agains the Zags I asked him if he is a supserstitious sports fan. He said he is, so I mentioned the door and asked if he knew where Bing Crosby went to college. Boone said he wasn’t sure, but guessed Bing had gone to UCLA. When I told him Bing is not just the most famous Gonzaga alumni, but that his childhood home is now part of the campus. “Are you ####ting me?” was Boone’s first response, then he laughed and began calling his wife and a few others over to tell them the story of how the price for Bing Crosby’s door was going to be an eternity of Oklahoma State being doomed to lose to Gonzaga.

In case you’re curious, you can see a picture of the door at Boone’s ranch here:


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That was downright awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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That is AWESOME!!!

Great story, thanks for sharing!

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I love this story so much.

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Instant classic. Tremendous story.

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing

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The stories about T. Boone Pickens, some true, some doubtless apocryphal, are legendary, and could easily fill a very entertaining book. If it already does, someone please pass along the title and author. Thanks.

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Very cool story!

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Peter! It's hellova story! Made me laugh and think. Der Bingle still with us.
Thanks for posting.

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Great story, thanks for sharing.

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Good story!! Thanks!

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Awesome story... Wish the Cowboys were in our bracket this year!

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Great story... maybe we can convince Peter Nicholas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Nicholas_(businessman) to buy something from the Bing estate. I love sports superstitions. Any curse we could put on Duke would be okay with me.


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I am loving it!

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ha ha, Bing is having a good laugh up there! Great stuff.

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Thanks for posting, great story.

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This could be the best story every told on these boards. Wow.

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What a fantastic story. Thank you for taking the time to share it.

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GoZags also reposted this story on Oklahoma St. message boards. Some of the replies about Ammo are entertaining: