View Full Version : John Stockton - Homeopathic Medicine?

03-12-2015, 01:21 PM
After the Pepperdine game the Seattle paper had a quote from Mark Few which appeared to say that John Stockton relied on homeopathic medical treatment to make it through his 20 years in the NBA. I showed the article to a friend who is big in homeopathic stuff and she is hoping for more information to confirm that John Stockton used homeopathy regularly. Obviously she can't use John's name for marketing without his license / permission, but I think she is just looking to verify the story.

Anyone able to help? My immediate family members are medical school type people who generally heap scorn on crystals, homeopathy and astrology, but if it works, I like to keep an open mind.

Here is the quote:

“With a huge assistant from our team chiropractor, Kelli Pearson,” Few said. “She flew down and fixed him right up. She’s a superstar . . . homeopathic (medicine) — she thinks way outside the box. It’s the stuff that kept Stocks (John Stockton) in the league for 20 years. He opened up our minds to that.”

Go Bulldogs!