View Full Version : OT: Greetings from University of Phoenix Stadium!

Angelo Roncalli
02-01-2015, 01:39 PM
Go Hawks! Go Zags!

ZagMan in Philly
02-01-2015, 02:08 PM
That is awesome Angelo.

02-01-2015, 02:14 PM
Now if you can just give a shout out from the Final Four, that would be one hell of a year.

02-01-2015, 03:27 PM
where are you sitting in the stadium and what color shirt and hat are you wearing .. i will look for you on my television ... it's very gray here in Spokane with snow fall .. Go Seahawks !

02-01-2015, 08:12 PM
Go Zags!!!

Zag 77
02-01-2015, 08:52 PM
Hopefully you attended a CLE so you can write off some of the trip expenses. In a few weeks maybe you can look back fondly on the experience of attending a Super Bowl.