View Full Version : Memphis beat writer on the Kennel Club

Section 116
02-01-2015, 02:00 PM
I stumbled across this tweet a while ago from Jason Smith who covers Memphis U basketball for the Memphis Commercial Appeal. It made me chuckle:

"These young white folks in Spokane hear rap come on and it's like cavemen seeing fire for first time. Like ��. God bless them, every one."

Incidentally Tom Hudson in the pregame radio show last evening remarked how he had become pretty good friends with radio and media types from Memphis because of the series over the past number of years. Hudson noted the Memphis folks were quite impressed with the crowds over at Veterans Arena when Memphis played there and they were looking forward to being in the Kennel, a venue about which they had heard much. Hudson assured them they were in for a treat, and I guess they were, especially when the "cavemen" performed-LOL!