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01-29-2015, 07:49 PM
Here are some scattered post game radio comments:

GU held Portland to 2-20 shooting to start the second half and no field goals for a 12 minute stretch while GU went on a 14-0 run. That essentially ended the game. After Pressley made his first three three point shots the Zags shut him down.

Wintering and Bailey who I think Hudson said had been averaging 28 between them were held to six. Hudson said he could not recall Wintering having a clean look at the basket except for one shot he missed badly in the second half. The Zags, however, had their worst shooting game since Arizona when they were around 39%. Tonight they finished at 40%, and shot a dreadful 22% (5-22) from three. Portland was worse, finishing at at 29% from the floor for the game.

The past four games opponents have shot in the high 20's or low 30's for the game, outstanding defense. Sabonis again was spectacular, finishing with 13 and 7-7 from the line.

Tommy Lloyd said this is a very athletic Memphis team coming in and the guys will be working hard tomorrow getting ready for the game. If GU doesn't play defense against Memphis Tommy said the guys will find themselves on the bench with a quick hook. This was probably mentioned on TV but Sabonis had a brother and sister at the game this evening. He did not know they were coming, so it was a nice surprise for him.

Hudson and Santangelo both remarked (I hesitate to use the word gushed, but nearly so) how Sabonis has been on a tear lately. In fact Santangelo noted Sabonis no longer gets frustrated, especially early on, and is playing with great confidence, as he racked up 13 and eleven tonight in just 27 minutes.

Hudson said there were 10 GU fast break points tonight and he couldn't recall the last time he relayed that stat. Regarding Memphis, Hudson said they are starting to figure some things out although they had some head scratchers early in the season. He said Memphis has athletic ability rivaling Arizona, something you just don't see in the WCC.

Santangelo noted regarding tonights game, you can't always count on your baskets going in but you can always play defense and that's what the Zags did as they shut down Portland, particularly in the second half. That's pretty much my recall from the drive home.

01-29-2015, 08:09 PM
Thank you

01-29-2015, 08:20 PM
Thanks Scoop.

01-29-2015, 08:25 PM
Thanks again for all of your recaps ... very much appreciated.

01-29-2015, 08:36 PM
sabonis is definitely starting to come into his own...i was most impressed with the 7-7 from the line on a night the zags as a team were struggling. he'll be even better once the bandages can come off on his right.

01-30-2015, 02:00 AM
As was referenced last night by George and Gracie, these are the dog days of WCC play. Our pups better wake up or there's a bad bite coming.

01-30-2015, 03:31 AM
As was referenced last night by George and Gracie, these are the dog days of WCC play. Our pups better wake up or there's a bad bite coming.
Too deep to fall asleep ..... there is that worry but there are just too many Zags who can light the match if others falter. My worry is FTs in a close game. Close games will come.