View Full Version : One out of Four

01-22-2015, 10:45 PM
Thought Karnowski got a string of bad calls on his fouls.

I don't think he touched his guy on the first one. On the second one Waldo backed over his foot and lost his balance. The third one looked like a small bump from Wiltjer, not Shem. Hardly a foul, and if it was it should have gone on Wiltjer.

Only the last one call might have been right. His guy was moving, but the impact caused Shem to lose his balance and stumble into the other defenders. Even though I think the call could have gone either way on the initial impact, with the stumble into the other players the call was almost certainly going to go against Shem.

Overall Shem did a great job of not letting it get to him too much. He kept his composure, kept his head in the game so he could play a big role in the second half run with his series lay ins and dunks.

We won so many will think it didn't matter, however I think this point is worth its own thread since the calls will effect how people evaluate the Karno/Waldo battle. Karno got his 4 fouls much earlier in the game than Waldo and as a result had to alter his game. The game would have been over much sooner if Waldo had picked up the early calls. Shame to see the phantom fouls have the effect it did. I look forward to a cleaner match up in Moraga and Vegas(?).

What a luxury it is to have Domas come in and master the boards like he did tonight.

Overall, well done to the big guys!!