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01-17-2015, 02:32 PM
Hudson: GU wins 11th consecutive over LMU. Zags jump out to 14-0 lead and looked like "lets go" but LMU didn't roll over, ended the half on a 7-0 run and actually had a 14-3 run into the second half, but when it was 41-34 Pangos and Bell hit threes and Sabonis had a dunk and from there the Zags coasted in fairly comfortably. Bell with 17, 16 for Pangos, Wesley with 14, Wiltjer with 12 and Sabonis chipped in with nine.. Good assist numbers with 20. At different parts of the ball game the Zags where getting scoring from everywhere. LMU did outrebound the Zags 38-33, but the Zags shot 52% to 29% for LMU.

Daniels: Crowd never really had an opportunity to get into the game. We got engaged early in the ball game and jumped out to a good lead, but we gave up 19 offensive rebounds and we need to work on that. They got 58 shots up on goal, but they are a work in progress for Coach Dunlap. OUr second half defense was much improved from the other night. Wesley's stats don't include the deflections he had. He really stepped up and was active during the entire ball game. Good to see Gary come out of his shooting slump. A lot of good positive things today like 12-16 from the line. LMU had a lot of extra effort on their part late in the first half and early in the second half, more than we did. We need to address that if we want to get where we want to go. SMC is a good rivalry for us. They lose guys and get new guys and they are still right there, much like us We have alot of things we want to work on the next three days of practice.

Hudson and Santangelo: Great weekend for Sabonis, best of his young career as he gets more and more comfortable. Averaged a double-double this weekend. The Zags got a little sloppy during the first half when they were up by 18, and actually could have extended the lead more. The Zags were out of position and LMU was on a pretty good run cutting into the lead and then Pangos hit one of his threes. Kevin comes out after halftime and seems to play with a little more assertion and does a good job of stepping up and being a leader when the Zags need it which is as it should be. Karnowski had only 2 points on a putback, part of it was GU couldn't get the ball to him and part of it was Okonji has played some ball in this league and he did a good job of keeping the ball away from Shem. Another magnificent job of defense on the oppositions main scorers, including Evan Payne's 4-15 from the floor. Regardless of the outcome of the score of BYU-SMC the game on Thursday will be first place. Santangelo said SMC "schedules interestingly" but they always seem to put it together when they have to and they are right there again as we approach the halfway point of the WCC season. 4 game homestand coming up.

Pangos: Feels good to get runs on the road and open up an early lead and get the crowd out of it.. They stuck with it for a while and then the crowd got into it. Hudson noted Kevin had a couple things going on today for him as in assists and three point shooting. Kevin said "yeah, that's what I heard"! it always feels good to get recognized for what you do but at the end of the day it's about wins. We keep getting different things from different guys stepping up each game and that's how we thought and hoped it would be. LMU plays a good zone and they sealed good underneath so we got the open shots from three. 20 asssits on 25 makes. We're a hard team to scout as we can get scoring from everywhere. There's always a little chip on our shoulders when we play SMC. It will be good to get home again and we're looking forward to the weekend.

01-17-2015, 03:14 PM
Continued thanks for these reports, 116, even though it is not expressed on a game by game basis!

Section 116
01-17-2015, 03:26 PM
My pleasure. Occasionally I try to get at least a couple quotes from the home games. But by the time I get to my car after the game the post game show is already underway. At times I get a couple good quotes from a coach or player that I can recall and get on the board.

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Continued thanks for these reports, 116, even though it is not expressed on a game by game basis!

Agreed! Cheers, 116!

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Thanks indeed to Sectiopn 116

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