View Full Version : Any update on Perkins?

12-28-2014, 08:11 PM
Was just curious if anyone knew the status of Perkins after his surgery and what not. Has any time frame been laid out for his return? People might disagree with me cause we've still been scoring when we needed too but the offense just hasn't seemed as smooth since Perkins has been out. He was averaging close to 20mins a game and was just a great facilitator especially to the post players.

12-28-2014, 10:04 PM
He's a tough kid. It wouldn't surprise me if he took the year off.

12-29-2014, 07:07 AM
He's a tough kid. It wouldn't surprise me if he took the year off.

I thought I read that he would most likely be medically cleared to play before the season ended----and if that's the case, I don't think he could apply for medical redshirt

12-29-2014, 08:40 AM
I would be surprised if he didn't come back. He's a tough kid. We need him, and I don't wanna deal with a terrible NCAA medical redshirt system.

12-29-2014, 09:18 AM
From what I remember reading from a poster that some of us assumed is an insider (family), is that he will not be redshirting one way or the other. That may mean being cleared to play in feburary or that may mean not being cleared, but holding the option of redshirting later if another injury was to ever occur.

12-29-2014, 09:44 AM
The initial timetable was loosely set at 4-6 weeks, which would bring him back in a couple weeks (injury occurred November 26th).

He played in few enough games to get medical redshirt.

I think this team is at it's best with him in the rotation. The offense is still good without him, but things moved along so smoothly with him in there, bouncing Pangos over to the 2. We were nearly unstoppable with him on the floor on both ends, as Perk is also a really good defender. I think he is needed to make this team into all it can be. PT will be hard to delegate with Perkins and McClellan on the active roster, but at least foul trouble wouldn't be a factor.

12-29-2014, 09:46 AM
Some of this could depend on how Eric McClellan plays once he becomes eligible for the USF game. Eric is likely going to be playing a full month (or more) before Josh is ready to come back.