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12-24-2014, 07:02 AM
We fans who are posting here have pretty high expectations of the Zags this season, and some of us have predicted undefeated play in conference. I believe expectations among some basketball annalists are also higher this season. I find my mind wandering at times to imagining the Zags in the final 4, and even predicting a time or two that this will be the season. And I still believe it's going to be. And here is the key for me.

I believe strongly in playing one game at a time, and disciplining the mind to NOT think ahead. This has been a very unusual year so far, and lately many teams are being upset, even at home. And Wichita St has survived with two overtime victories (they're lucky). WCC teams appear to be playing much better in their non Conference games. Yes, losing a lot but not many points. BYU appears to be playing quite well right now, and San Diego is always tough on the Zags when playing at home. I am glad that the Zags are playing BYU on Saturday. But it's a game that comes right after Christmas and I wonder how prepared the Zags will be. They did not look good in their last game before going home for Christmas, and if they play that way against BYU or San Diego, I feel they will lose. And it will take each and every Zag to get himself ready for a battle. They NEED to be the aggressor, both on offense and defense.

BYU is always tough at home. And have only one loss at home so far, to Utah by 4 points. In my opinion, they are not Quite as good this year as they have been been in the last few years. They are good. Just not quite as good. And what I mean by that is maybe 3 or 4 points. The Zags can win but it will be a close one for sure.

Go Zags!!!
One game at a time!

12-24-2014, 07:58 AM
Agree that if we play the way we did in our last game we will get beat, no doubt.

But, I think that will almost help us. They got a decent scare by Cal Poly and looked very average in that game. That ought to solve any "overly confident" issues. They ought to be going into BYU knowing they have to give 100%, "Arizona-type" effort.

And since we never shoot well in that building, we really will have to outrebound and out-tough them.