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12-20-2014, 09:33 PM

Zags played at a Cal Poly pace for a good bit of the first half and they led by four a couple times. The zone gave the Zags some problems in the first half but the Zags did a good job of closing out the half on a 13-5 run. A big play in the second half when CP cut the lead to four and Bennett had the ball but was called for a charge after which Pangos hit a three. That jumped the lead back up to seven and it pretty much stayed there for most of the rest of the game.

As noted on TV Cal Poly's big problem at this time is they just don't have enough guys to score the ball. Karnowski and Pangos with 16 each. Nwabe with 21 leads all scorers. 11741 attendance, lowest point total of season for Zags tied with Arizona at 63.


Nwaba spectacular in the first half. CP only turns over 7 times per game but they had 9 TO in the first half and the Bulldogs took advantage and got some points off them. It was mostly GU playing in the passing lanes and getting the steals, not that CP was sloppy with the ball. From 38-34 in the second half GU was able to steadily pull away, not a big run, just a slow increase.

In a low scoring game like this, when the lead gets to 10-13 points it is more like a 20 or 20 plus lead considering the way Cal Poly plays at slow and deliberate pace. Nwabe didn't score much the last 10 minutes or so mostly because he was getting tired after his great game and GU putting fresh defenders on him. Still Hudson and Santangelo spoke highly of his play.

Cal Poly outscored GU 14-9 off the bench tonight. Few only used 8 players tonight. GU 46% from the field. CP 39.6%. CP 20% from three tonight. If you are going to beat GU you will probably have to shoot better than 20% from three.


We told our guys we weren't going to get to 80 points today. There are lots of ways to win games and and Cal Poly stuck to their plan. It they scored 50 we wanted to score 51. We had too many turnovers. When we didn't turn it over we guarded them pretty well in the half court. Karnowski played really well, we had a couple guys who came in and played too casual. Pangos was Pangos and Bell took what, three charges, His line (Bell) doesn't look that great but he played great.

Nwaba is probably the best driver we've played this year. He just exploded past a couple of our guys. Hand checks aren't going to cut it against a guy like that and we told our guys that. We need a couple days of rest. And going to BYU a couple days after Christmas is going to be tough. We gotta practice on the 24th and when everyone else is enjoying Christmas we are going to be practicing. We gotta kind run the gauntlet to start WCC with three on the road to start. GU wins the rebounding battle, CP was plus coming in to the game but GU won the boards at plus 5. GU has been plus on the boards every game this season.


During a commercial break on the post game radio show Matt Santangelo said he had a conversation with Adam Morrison. Adam told him he told the team following the game what they had just experienced against Cal Poly should serve as a heads up to the kind of grind and competition they can expect night in and night out in the WCC. Adam told Matt he thought what the Zags fought through, the turnovers, lack of defensive rebounding, failure to execute against the zones were all going to be beneficial in the long run.

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12-20-2014, 09:54 PM
Thanks for the recap!

12-20-2014, 10:26 PM
I wish he had commented on our troubles with their zone.