View Full Version : It's hard to win on the road.

12-07-2014, 08:46 PM
It always has been. And in a place like @Arizona it's really, really difficult. It's one of the toughest places in America for a visiting team to play and win. Zags just about ended their two very long winning streaks. One was their home court winning streak which I think is now 26, and their consecutive non-conference victories, which I think is 35 or 36. The last non-conference team to beat them was Gonzaga back some time ago (like 4 or 5 years ago). Sorry I probably have the stats wrong but it's Sunday night and I'm tired.

I may be in the minority in thinking that there such a thing good a good loss. It is a fact that people can learn from their mistakes if they have the right attitude. The game film of the Arizona game will provide lots of instruction for our team as we go forward. My hope is that the Zags can learn how to pull out victories against UCLA and BYU in the next couple of weeks.

Go Zags

12-08-2014, 06:42 AM
That makes the Duke and Virginia wins impressive in the early season. Both of those teams looked great in their wins over Wisky & VCU on the road. Brogdon and Anderson were lights out especially Anderson. If Gill wasn't banged up against Michigan State last year Virginia had a legit shot to win it all. Gonzaga will have a deeper team than Virginia though in March. Tyus Jones was lights out against Wisky for a true Freshman on the road. Wisky though does not have an in your face on ball defender to stop penetration. Really can't zone Duke like you can Zona without paying dearly. We need EM...and have to hope he can D up on the perimeter with GBJ with potential match-ups like Duke.

12-08-2014, 07:03 AM
V, I agree. I think with GBJ, EM, Melson, Wesley, and Dranginis we have a solid set of 6'3" to 6'5" players that can defend the guards. That will also give them rests so that they can compete the complete game. That is what we missed against Arizona. We needed EM to be there and also Melson to get enough playing time to be comfortable at both ends of the court. Gives us 1 month and things will start happening. Go Zags.

12-08-2014, 01:43 PM
The season is still young, and Gonzaga has a lot of new players this year. They are still being assimilated into the Zag Heart/Spirit/Fuego, It takes time to develop the cohesiveness that this team will have in a couple of months. The Zags already have the chemistry that is needed. This is obvious. Now they must continue to play hard and learn, game by game and the cohesion will come. Then those 3's will begin to drop. Smiling. I think the loss in Arizona will propel the Zags to victory this Saturday against UCLA. To me it's better to lose to Arizona then to UCLA. Zags will defeat UCLA.

Go Zags!!!